1999 Garonne left embankement

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Urban Study. Improvements related to surfaces (sidewalks, roads, waterside promenade, exterior furnishings), developments specific to the tramway (trackbed, platforms and stations, accompanying systems), creation of public activity spaces (sports, leisure, green space, associated superstructures).

Architects : Jean-Marc Ibos Myrto Vitart
Project team : Frédéric Gams, Rémy Pascal, Agnès Plumet

Structural engineer : Nicholas Green & Anthony Hunt Assoc.
Quantity surveyor : ACE Consultants and Assoc.
Exterior furnishings design : Ron Arad Associates
Lighting designer : Yann Kersalé – AIK
Images copyrights : Ron Arad, Didier Ghislain, Yann Kersalé