2013 Ilot Fourrière

There where the lock narrows the extent of the enclosed dock basins to allow accessibility, the quay expands into a wide platform. At the intersection of flows, the place is a crossroads. A hub whose   role is to ensure transmission and promote urban fluidities. The project places the market hall at the center of the device, according to an ancestral logic which has proved its worth; long parallelepiped associated with the lock, the horizontality of which signifies its belonging to the quays. The parking lot is collected in a silo. The offices, organized in successive terraces back up to it . The space freed up on the ground floor is taken over by activities. It is up to the hotel to pledge allegiance to the waterway. It does it horizontally, in a wide way, trying to grasp the scale of the landscape. Opposite the Cité du Vin, it embraces the river and, beyond the new bridge, the outlines of the town with the stone facade. Like a leitmotif, water  structures the project: the swimming pool in the bow on the dock basins; the Spa vats buried in the abysmal depth of the grain silos that the overhead light doubles by the reflection of the walls in the black water.

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