2021 Quai D’Orsay

The operation, located within the perimeter of the protected development sector (PSMV)) of the 7th arrondissement, is part of the exceptional heritage complex of the Palates of the Republic which strongly characterizes the sector. It aims to bring together the administration services of the Ministry in spaces adapted to new ways of working and sociability and to offer the related common facilities (cafeteria, restaurant, library, relaxation, sport, meetings). The 600 workplaces created bring the site’s capacity to 1,300 units. The heritage value of buildings is not, here, so much the issue as the preservation of an urban device so characteristic of an era which, in a controlled hierarchy, associates the major and the minor, the full and the void, the vertical and the horizontal, the mineral and the vegetable. This leads us to imagine the contemporary extension of the system in terms of correspondences. The project restores the original hold of the garden and retains the in-depth reading of the site. The extension, carried out on the existing courtyard, as a single volume framed by the elongated and raised existing wings, is associated through the garden in the perspective from the Minister’s Hotel. It fits in the longitudinal dynamics of the site. The building floor is restored to a constant level, below the one of the garden.  Two reference planes then clearly differentiate the representation spaces of the Minister’s Palate, attached to the garden, and the spaces assigned to the administration in contact with the roadway. Two worlds that evolve in parallel with the necessary autonomy.

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Rehabilitation in occupied site – Renovation and extension of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Quai d’Orsay.

Architects : Jean-Marc Ibos Myrto Vitart
Project leader : Bastien Saint-André
Project team (competition) : Etienne Amouret, Valentin Bayoud, Olivia Brown,


Structural / Mechanical / Electrical engineer/Sustainability consultant : EDEIS
Acoustics consultant : Avel Acoustique
Quantity surveyor : Axio
Safety consultant: Casso & associés
BIM Manager : EDEIS
Images and video : Luxigon